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Join UK Tutors and start receiving tutoring requests. Using our unique search system you will only receive requests from tutees in your area. We allow you to specify how much you wish to charge for multiple subjects across different levels.

How does it work

Step 1: Register and create you personal tutoring profile showcasing your qualifications and experience along with when and where you would like to tutor.

Step 2: Receive and respond to tuition requests from tutees via your member's area. By accepting a tutee request, you agree that should the tutee later also confirm their wish to commence tuition, you are happy to forward to UK Tutors the fee from the tutee based on the calculation below. Tuition requests come through all year so we ask tutors to reply to requests as soon as possible.

Step 3: Exchange contact details with your tutee and start teaching. If your prospective tutee is happy to go ahead after discussing their requirements with you, we arrange for your contact details to be exchanged with the tutee and you will receive an email with your new tutee’s contact details.


UK Tutors fees have been designed to provide a competitive alternative to the traditional tuition agency for tutees to find self-employed tutors. We ask for a one-off fee only when both parties confirm a tuition agreement and you start tutoring. We only ask that you pass on from the tutee £3.50 plus 5% of your hourly rate for the first 5 hours of requested tuition and if a tutee requests more than five hours of tuition we ask for 4% of your hourly rate for hours six to ten if the tuition arrangement is confirmed by both parties.+  You only forward this fee to us once per tuition contract, not after every lesson.

The table below shows an example of our fees if your rate is £15 per hour.


Hours You Tutor Our One-Off Fee Value of the Hours
1 £4.25 £15
2 £5.00 £30
3 £5.75 £45
4 £6.50 £60
5 £7.25 £75
6 £7.85 £90
7 £8.45 £105
8 £9.05 £120
9 £9.65 £135
10 £10.25 £150
11 £10.25 £165
12 £10.25 £180
... ... ...
30 £10.25 £450

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I forward fees? We use the industry standard Paypal, which enables tutors to pay online securely, quickly and easily with a credit or debit card. With an account you can also arrange for students to pay you by paypal. Avoiding inconvenience of cheques and the informality of cash payments.

  2. A tutee has bought my details to commence lessons, but I still haven't heard from them? Try calling or e-mailing the tutee to arrange your first lesson. Please remember there’s no incentive for a tutee to make a request and buy your contact details if they have no intention of contacting you.

  3. How will prospective tutees contact me? The instant a prospective tutee makes a tuition request for your services we will notify you instantly via email, you should then login to your account and respond to the request as soon as possible.

  4. How do I update or change my profile? You can login to your account at anytime and change any of the information you supplied during registration.

  5. What if the tutee no longer requires tuition or changes their mind? This is rare as most tutee puts a lot of time and effort into selecting the most appropriate tutor so they are unlikely to cancel before the first lesson unless there is a long delay between the time when contact details are released and you initiating tuition.

+ See terms and conditions for further details