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Information About Aquinta:

Personal Description:

I am 19 years old and I am often times very competitive with myself because if you don't push yourself then you will not know your limits. I truly believe that being organised is of major importance in life when you want to accomplish various goals. If you are not organised or have anything planned then you will not see which areas in your life requires renovation. I enjoy music in my spare time or admiring paintings at museums, it helps relaxes me as well as give my brain a workout. I read the FOCUS magazine monthly as I am pursuing my MSci in Medical Neuroscience at University, so I am a huge fan of the science and technology world. Scrabble is my favourite board game as I am not a millennium geek, despite my competitive nature I have accepted my casual losses in every other game except Scrabble.

Teaching Experience:

For 4 years consecutively I spearheaded my high school science fair team in the annual national competitions. Out of those 4 years we won twice and when we lost it was only to gain second place, nothing less. These blunders are inevitable in the arena of teaching or guiding, whether it is a team or an individual. I have learnt that they are essential to growth and better understanding of something that you were confident enough to lead from the beginning. Throughout the competition I dedicated hours to preparation and also to standing among rivals for hours that seemed perpetual, pointing and explaining to viewers what the project was about. Many questions were thrown at me from onlookers and passerby, some were redundant but I kept my composure and always aimed to answer their questions in the most simple, yet, understanding form. It was pleasing when the once daunting presentation became clear as day to them. This has been my closest experience to teaching a diverse crowd, ranging from old to young as well as different nationalities; each day that I returned to the centre to showcase our project and answer questions from new faces, I returned with a cheerful spirit and new mind.

Tutoring Approach:

Throughout my high school years I was always the primary help target to my classmates and teachers alike. I oftentimes contemplated whether the day would arrive when one of them would doubt me and no longer seek my assistance in whatever it was that puzzled them, but fortunately for me, that day never came. I always felt the urge to assist someone whenever they were struggling, it was nearly an innate characteristic of mine. I would observe the individual's weakness and then question their confidence to see exactly where I am needed to help cement the blocks that they already have. It is then essential for me to highlight to the individual, step-by-step how I arrive at my understanding of the challenge. With constant encouragement and dedication I always succeed at mixing my understanding with theirs to create a new method of solving the problem. This for me has always been the simplest but undeclared form of my tutoring.

Subjects Taught:

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  • GCSE English - A*
  • GCSE Biology - B
  • AS Level Psychology - C
  • GCSE Mathematics - A

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Availability:  Weekends / Weekdays (evenings)
Types of Tutoring:   Travels to you / Online
References Supplied?   Yes
Current CRB Check?   Yes

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