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Knowsley planning return of A-levels after shut down
Knowsley, which became the first borough to lose all its A-level classes, has plans for the exam to return.

Body anxious teens avoid PE, says report
Almost a third of 2,000 UK teenagers told a survey they avoid PE because of body anxiety.

MPs call for unpaid internships ban
Unpaid internships should be stopped as a barrier to social mobility, says a parliamentary report.

Poor public transport puts rural schools out of reach
Young people in rural areas are missing out on chances in education because of poor public transport.

SQA 'urgently needs to build trust'
Urgent work is needed to rebuild the relationship between Scotland's teachers and the country's exam body, according to MSPs.

Funding shake-up risks cuts in most schools, say unions
Government plans to reform school budgets risk cuts in most schools, say teachers' unions.

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