A random selection of our registered tutors are listed below:

Caroline (Mrs)
Subjects: English (Foreign Language)  |  Spanish  |  Japanese  |  German  |  Italian  |  French  
Availability: Weekends / Weekdays (all times)
Types of Tutoring: From their home / Online
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Personal Description:
I am a fully qualified and experienced teacher of Modern Foreign Languages. I have taught in a school near Wakefield for 8 years and have been a private tutor for five years. I am a very enthusiastic and approachable teacher. I can offer languages teaching in French, Spanish, German, Italian and Japanese. I offer teaching at all levels; primary languages, with a view to possibly taking GCSE examinations early, Key stage 3, GCSE, IGCSE, AS and A2 levels and adult languages classes. I also cover the new GCSE and A-level specifications for exams in 2018. I have experience in all areas of languages teaching and I throughly enjoy teaching languages!

I also work for 3 distance learning schools, as a tutor for French and Spanish. I am Lead Tutor for one school and also carrying out consultancy work for the new A-level exam. I teach students from all over the world which is a real honour.

I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to take the language of their choice. Therefore, I am happy to offer to help students take a GCSE or A level in a language which may not be available in their school. I can help with assessments and speaking tests in addition to a high standard of tuition to learn the language at the desired level and beyond.

I am currently learning Chinese as it has always interested me and as a teacher, I know that I need to remember what it is like to be a language learner!

References are available upon request.

Teaching Experience:

I have a PGCE and QTS qualification in Modern Languages and as part of my studies, I taught in two schools in North Yorkshire. I have been a teacher in a Specialist Language College near Wakefield for 8 years and a private tutor for 2 years. As a teacher in a Specialist Language College, I have taught KS3 and GCSE languages in addition to working in the community, teaching languages at local Primary Schools and carrying out Adult language classes.

For my private tuition, I have taught many A-level students in addition to primary students, GCSE students and adult learners. I have found this to be very interesting to see how people learn in different ways and develop their confidence in learning a new language or gaining extra support for language learning.

Tutoring Approach:

As a tutor, I always check to see what level each student is at in the first lesson. All lessons are tailored to the students' needs so you can get the most out of learning a language. I recommend useful resources and I am happy to lend books and DVDs from the extensive range of resources I have built up as a result of tutees' wishes. I have an excellent knowledge of the national curriculum and exam specifications of all the boards and I keep up-to-date with the many changes which may occur in education.

I look at all language skills although I may focus on one or two particular areas if this is what the tutee needs (such as listening and speaking if exams were not to be taken). I use ICT in my lessons and use many different websites and encourage students to use these at home and I help with grammar, even if it is the basics, as an understanding of this is essential to learning a language successfully!

I set homework tasks each week for students and I also offer a 'mid lesson service', where students can Skype or Phone so that I can check on progress or answer any questions. A quick chat in the target language is fine too! This service is free. I am also happy to answer any texts on the language- that is what I'm here for!

All new students are welcome. I always answer all requests so please also check spam folders just in case!
Plase note that there is a slightly cheaper rate for students wanting daytime teaching sessions.
merci, gracias, grazie, danke, arigatou!

PGCE Languages, University of York, 2004
BA Hons French with Spanish, Italian, Japanese and German modules, University of Hull, 2002
TEFL, online 2011

Minaxi (Dr)
Subjects: Maths  |  English  |  Combined Science  |  Reading & Writing skills  |  Entrance Exams  |  Biology  
Availability: Weekends / Weekdays (all times)
Types of Tutoring: From their home / Online
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Personal Description:
I am a 39 year old female having worked in Research Science for over 15 years. I completed my doctoral training in Molecular Biology at Leeds University and then traveled to the US to work for their government at the National Institute of Health. Here I worked on elucidating the mechanisms behind the genetics of aging. After 5 productive years in the US I returned home to take a contract position with King's College, London working on developing a novel method of Gene targeting.

Teaching Experience:

I have had extensive experience teaching students from my doctoral training days until my last post as a Post Doctoral Research Associate at King's College, London. I have mentored and trained students from undergraduate level to Ph. D level throughout my 15 years of science. In addition, I have lectured students in their final year undergraduate year. I have privately worked with tutees for the past three years. I am provide tutoring for Early Learning support, Key Stage 1, 2 and 3 English, Maths and General Science, Exam Preparation literacy and numeracy skills, GCSE/IGCSE Biology/Science, AS and A Level Biology and Higher Education/Adult Education Biology. I have tutored students engaged in many different courses including a Massage Course (Physiology and Anatomy), medical students (Imperial College-outstanding firsts!) and Nursing and Midwifery (Greenwich-98% Biology modules). With regular sessions, I have helped A level student achieve significant improvements in grades from AS to A level across AQA, Edexcel and OCR exam boards.
This year I have also helped final year KS2 students students achieve top marks allowing them to enter top sets for Maths and English in High School. I successfully helped a KS2 students studying the 11plus exam -passing the Bexley entrance exams.

Tutoring Approach:

I have found teaching to be most beneficial when I am working with my students on a one-to-one basis and small groups. This allows me to really understand what my students needs and tailor my tutoring and mentoring to this effect. I also find teaching with visual aids and innovative tools an effective method of teaching some aspects of science. Tutoring at this level builds trust and confidence in my students so they are able to work with me on the areas they need most. I believe this trust is important in progressing and obtaining the most out of tutoring.

Ph.D in Molecular Biology and Genetics
M. Sc. in Applied Biology
B. Sc in Applied Biology
A level and GCSE in Biology

Margaret (Mrs)
Subjects: German  
Availability: Weekdays (all times)
Types of Tutoring: Travels to you / From their home / Online
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Personal Description:
I am 64 years of age mother of two grown children. My husband teaches at the Metropolitan University. I was born in the German speaking part of Switzerland and so am bi-lingual. I love reading, the theater, films, discussing all sorts of things be they topical, political or pertaining to essays to me done for the German course etc. I have many other things that are of interest to me.

Teaching Experience:

I originally taught English to German speaking people but I have taught at South and North Trafford college, at Alderley Edge School for Girls, Wilmslow High and Knutsford High. I have also taught business people when they were either connected to a Swiss, Austrian or German company. I have tutored pupils from Manchester Grammar and also Altrincham Grammar.

Tutoring Approach:

If the pupil is learning German at his or her school I will be gladly guided by what they do with the German teacher and the course they want to go to improve their skills and also by their parents if they have any instructions of their own.
I absolutely love teaching German and working with young people to make the language more interesting and fun


Patrick (Mr)
Subjects: Study Skills  |  Philosophy / Critical Thinking  |  English  |  Music  
Availability: Weekends / Weekdays (all times)
Types of Tutoring: Travels to you / From their home / Online
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Personal Description:
This is my eighth year in further education, so I am very well versed in education and learning. My qualifications include: a Masters of Music (MA) degree in musicology, a Post-Graduate diploma in composition and a Bachelor of Music Honours degree in Computer Sound Design, all from the University of Surrey. In addition I am currently studying for a PhD in music and philosophy at the University of Surrey, for which I won a research grant. These university qualifications cover areas that include but are not limited to: music technology, composition, philosophy, psychology, production, musicology, theory, analysis and performance. I have extensive and varied experience teaching groups of children and individuals of all ages in schools and at home.

Since starting my PhD I have lectured at numerous conferences in the UK and abroad, primarily in the psychology and philosophy of music. While I regularly lead seminars and tutorials at the University of Surrey, I have also given papers at academic conferences, including the Society of Music Analysis's annual Theory and Analysis Graduate Students Conference last year and this year; the Royal Music Association's Research Students' Conference in January 2012; the philosophy conference 'Musical Perspectives' at Warwick University in June; the international conference in music psychology and perception 'ICMPC-ESCOM' in Thessaloniki, Greece, in July; the British Postgraduate Philosophy Association conference in Edinburgh in September; and last year at the University of Surrey where I presented an outline of my PhD work. I have been invited to speak at a number of other conferences before the end of the year, including the RMA music and philosophy conference 'Challenging Musical Ontologies' at the university of Nottingham in November.

Throughout my university and secondary education I have been an active performer on my instrument. I have played around London and Guildford and have written, organised and performed works in public concerts in Guildford.

My time is generally split between studying the philosophy, psychology and musicology literature, writing papers for conferences and playing and rehearsing with bands (and, of course, teaching.)

Teaching Experience:

ArtsTrain London Jazz Project.
Information: I have recently started working with the 'Artstrain' projects in Bromley. We are working with Langley Boys School in Beckenham to prepare for a live performance of a set of urban jazz pieces at the London Jazz Festival in November. The pieces for performance were written with the performers (aged between 15 and 18) and we maintain a creative atmosphere throughout the rehearsal process, where musicians are encouraged to engage compositionally with the material, making changes and improvements. This work involves managing time, structuring sessions and working both with groups and individuals, who have a range of abilities and interests. The instrumentation is essentially a 'big band' format with horns, strings, electric and acoustic instruments and both rapped and sung vocals. We were lucky enough to get the revered Jazz musician 'Soweto Kinch' on board for some workshops and possibly to accompany the performance.

Bromley Youth Music Centre
Information: I have been a registered BYMT tutor since 2011, and teach guitar in schools around Bromley, to groups of children aged between 6 and 11. Currently I am in discussion with the head of contemporary guitar (Tim Cronin) about creating two new programmes, one centred on ensemble performance, the other on music technology in schools. In January 2012 I attended a child protection training session at BYMT that advised on child safety, the identification and prevention of abuse and the appropriate working conditions of a teacher of children.

M:tech Educational Services
Period of Employment: September 2011- present
Information: Mtech is a company that provides music technology tuition to children aged 8-13 in schools. I teach groups of children how to create music with a computer. The children learn how to programme sounds on a software synthesiser, how to write a melody, a drumbeat and lyrics, as well as how to use sound effects and to mix. I teach them a range of musical concepts- e.g. timbre, attack and release, harmony, key, rhythm, metre and phrasing.

Private Instrument Tuition
Period of Employment: December 2008- present
I began teaching guitar and composition while studying for my Masters in 2008. I teach mainly around central London, but also give lessons in Bromley. I have pupils whom are children aged between 8 and 16, as well as adult pupils. The styles I teach include rock, pop and classical.

Tutoring Approach:

I always try to get the student to explore their own ideas as much as possible, while giving sustained direction and instruction, whether this means exploring his/her instrument or writing. It is important to focus on the point at hand, but to encourage creativity wherever possible. I believe there are two key components to learning, one is a disciplined approach and the other is taking enjoyment in your studies. In my experience, it is finding a balance between the two that is most important. When the student enjoys playing or writing it is much easier to motivate them to work, whereas when the student is methodical in his or her approach, it is much easier to get the work done! So I try to be as encouraging and engaging as possible in lessons, motivating students with my own instrumental performance or interpretations of text.

Masters of Music
Post-Graduate Diploma
Bachelor of Music Honours degree
Three A-levels, one As-level

Philip (Mr)
Subjects: English (Foreign Language)  
Availability: Weekends / Weekdays (daytime)
Types of Tutoring: Travels to you / Online
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Personal Description:
I recently returned to the UK after a number of years living and teaching in China, and now I wish to use the experience i have gained over the years to help students who need to learn English in the UK.
When i am not working i enjoy travelling and playing sport. In addition to living in China, i have also lived in New Zealand and Australia and travelled extensively in Europe.

Teaching Experience:

I have been an ESL teacher for 8 years. My experience has been gained predominantly in China, though i have taught at a college in the UK. I have taught a variety of nationalities and also all ages and levels. I possess both the CELTA and DELTA teaching practice qualifications. I was also an IELTS speaking and writing test examiner for two years and have passed a Cambridge certified online course in the teaching of IELTS.

Tutoring Approach:

Having lived and worked in China for many years, i am aware of the difficulty of learning a foreign language. However,i believe that with the right attitude, approach and guidance it is possible to achieve your study goals in any language.
I believe in establishing realistic and quantifiable goals when beginning tutoring for progress to be measured against. I also believe that work done in a student's own time is as important as work done in a formal classroom setting. Regular review of what has been studied is also vital.

CELTA (pass B)
DELTA teaching practice (pass)
IELTS speaking and writing examiner (expired)

Rebecca (Miss)
Subjects: English (Foreign Language)  |  French  |  Spanish  
Availability: Weekends / Weekdays (evenings)
Types of Tutoring: Travels to you / From their home
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Personal Description:
My name is Becky and I have been teaching languages since I graduated in 2010 with a 1st class degree in French and Spanish. Through my language studies, personal and professional life, I have acquired many experiences of living, studying and working abroad, including studying in France and Spain, as well as travelling through Central and South America, and living in Australia. I have taught students of many ages and levels, from young children to adults, and from beginners to GCSE or A Level standard. Due to my experience with languages and with people from different cultures I am very sociable, adaptable and flexible around a wide array of people, and always get on really well with my students! I am a very trustworthy and reliable person and would be more than happy to put you in contact with previous students/parents for a personal reference if required.

Teaching Experience:

I have a substantial amount of teaching experience with GCSE and A Level students, as well as Adult Beginners, and was a Sessional Lecturer in French and Spanish at a local College for the part-time courses. In addition, I spent time in Gran Canaria working as an Au Pair and teaching three young children English, followed by two consecutive summers in a small Catalonian village in Spain working as an Au Pair for the same family and teaching their young child English as well. I am still in regular contact with this family 8 years on! I also gained an extensive amount of teaching experience whilst studying in France and Spain.

Tutoring Approach:

I have worked with a number of learners of different ages and therefore understand that each level of a language requires a different method of teaching. I am very flexible to what the student requires and needs to improve. I am more than happy to answer any queries you have.

1st Class Honours Degree in French and Spanish with a Distinction in Spoken Spanish
3 x A Levels (French: A; Spanish: B; Psychology: A)