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Janet (Dr)
Subjects: Citizenship  |  Politics  |  History  
Availability: Weekends / Weekdays (evenings)
Types of Tutoring: Travels to you / From their home
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Personal Description:
I have a first class honours degree in History and a Ph.D. I taught History, Politics (and also sometimes Psychology and Sociology) in a local grammar school for many years. I am patient, friendly and approachable and I also have three children of my own who have recently been through the GCSE/A level process and so have a wide experience of the problems that students can experience during their education. I am up to date with all the current requirements of the different examination boards. I really enjoy teaching and like being able to offer my students one-to-one attention during tuition.
I am willing to travel to the Liverpool area (time permitting) but am afraid that in that case I will need to add an extra 3 to the quoted price in order to cover the high transport and tunnel costs.

Teaching Experience:

I have taught for 27 years, mainly in secondary schools but also in Further Education where my students ranged from 16 to 60 years. I have taught History, Politics, Psychology and Sociology up to AS/A2 level and I have a great deal of experience of helping students prepare for the requirements of these examinations and of assisting them in securing excellent grades so that they can fulfil their potential. I have also taught English up to GCSE level.

Tutoring Approach:

I believe in flexibility. Students have different needs which often change during a period of tuition and I believe in full consultation with the students and their parents. I have a proven track record in building up students' self-confidence, helping them cope with the demands of the examinations and helping them to make the most of their abilities.

BA History - First class Hons - University College London
Postgraduate studies - History, Politics, Sociology - Ph.D

Azim (Mr)
Subjects: Maths  
Availability: Weekends / Weekdays (evenings)
Types of Tutoring: Travels to you / From their home
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Personal Description:
I am fully qualified Mathematics teacher with BSc Hons in Mathematics from University of Manchester. I have been teaching in various main stream schools since 2007 and also have been delivering one to one tution.
I strive to my best to teach effectively, using various teaching styles and approaches. I have high expectations of my tutees. I believe a good choice and hard work will give good results. Raising motivation and developing interest in a particular subject is one of my top most aim while teaching. I believe I have a unique and effective style of teaching which simplifies the problems, makes them easy to understand and easy to solve. I also include humor, riddles, puzzles, practical applications, interaction and ICT along with the traditional style of teaching. I am available to teach Mathematics KS2, KS3, GCSE and A-Levels. I am very friendly, polite, reliable and a responsible person who truly cares for his tutees learning, progress and results.

Teaching Experience:

I have taught in three different main stream schools in the last three years. During my appointment as a full time Mathematics teacher, my duties included:

Teaching Mathematics effectively to pupils across the secondary age and ability by using variety of teaching styles, strategies and approaches.
Engage and motivate pupils who have a range of ability, use appropriate differentiation where required and establish a purposeful and safe learning environment in the school.
Develop pupils' interest in the subject by unfolding interesting facts and applications of Mathematics, engage pupils via Mathematical games, puzzles, riddles and jokes.
Making the best possible use of resources available in the school for teaching purposes such as Interactive white board, projector, text books and ICT etc.
Plan and deliver effective lessons, demonstrate behaviour management skills, organise, record and use pupils data effectively and keep the management and pupils parents aware of the children's progress and attributes via meetings, telephone and e-mails.
Assess pupils progress and level of attainment using various methods of assessments, encouraging self-assessment and independent learning.
Attend extracurricular activities, intervention classes and one to one tuition to provide extra support to the pupils.

Tutoring Approach:

I am available to teach Mathematics and Urdu. I am a Mathematics specialist teacher. My approach to Maths teaching would be simple, intersting, motivating and well sensible. I have different methods to teach a single topic. My teaching style includes making each topic simple and easy to understand, making sense of the topic, practical application of the topic, delivering various every day examples to have a better understanding of the topic, history of the topic if appropriate, teaching via games, riddles and puzzles, communicating clearly, taking feed back from the pupil, differentiating my teaching according to the pupils capability and requirements. I have high expectations of my tutees and strive my best to get the best out of them.

PGCE Mathematics (MMU)
QTS Secondary
BSc Hons Mathematics (Uni of Manchester)
HSSC FSc (Pakistan)

Mohammad (Mr)
Subjects: Chemistry  |  Physics  |  Maths  |  History  |  Biology  |  Law  
Availability: Weekends / Weekdays (evenings)
Types of Tutoring: Travels to you
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Personal Description:
I am currently working as a Housing Officer with London Borough of Redbridge . I have now attained my Law degree (LLB Honours degree) . I am a holder of BA Honours in Hisotry and MA in Modern History. I also studied for Postgraduate Diploma in Houisng Manangement.

Teaching Experience:

I have been tutoring for over three years now. I have tutored GCSE pupil for their Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. These subjects were my core subjects during my school final years and during my college course/studies. I am now tutoring GCSE History and I will tutor for Law for GCSE and A Level as well.

Tutoring Approach:

Caring, supportive, helpful, professionalism

MA in Modern History
BA Honours in History
LLB Honours
Higher Secondary Sertificate with Maths and Science

Marco (Mr)
Subjects: Drama  |  Physics  |  Italian  |  Maths  
Availability: Weekends / Weekdays (all times)
Types of Tutoring: Travels to you / From their home / Online
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Personal Description:
I am an Italian engineer who lives in London. I am currently working as an actor which is my passion but I want to make proper use of my solid background in engineering and my experience as a student in many different institutions around Europe by giving private tutorials to students. I am a very determined and ambitious person and I believe that many things can be achieved with strong will and the right tactics. As you can see from my CV which follows, I successfully studied in Iceland, Norway and England. I studied and worked with people from all over the world and with the most different cultural backgrounds. I myself am very interested and respectful of cultural differences and I am an expert traveller: I travelled extensively through Europe, Africa, India and Japan. What's more I have a degree in acting (2.1) from a very well reputed English academy in Birmingham (Birmingham School of Acting). I can speak English fluently and I have got a very good grasp of the language (in drama school we studied pronunciation for 3 years) and a very rich and flexible vocabulary. I enjoy staying with people and I like challenges. I take my responsibilities very seriously and I aspire to create a healthy working environment where the prime goal is the students' benefit.


September 2008 - May 2011 Birmingham, United Kingdom.
BA (Hons) Acting, Birmingham School of Acting.
Awarded the Sir John Gielgud Bursary 2010.

since February 10, 2010 Bologna, Italy.
Member of the Guild of Engineers of Bologna,
as Chartered Engineer, certified by the University of Bologna (December 15, 2008).

2000 - December 21, 2007 Bologna, Italy.
MS in Environmental Engineering (mining field), University of Bologna.
MS Thesis: "Experimental Study on Friction between Saline Ice and Steel" - UNIS, Norway.
Final grade: 100/100.

Spring - Fall 2007 Longyearbyen, Norway.
University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS), department of Arctic Technology.
- Arctic Offshore Engineering (graduate course AT-327).
- Thermo-Mechanics of Ice and Snow, and Loads on Structures (graduate course AT-323).

2003 - 2004 Reykjavk, Iceland.
University of Iceland, Geotechnical department. Erasmus exchange program.


Nanetti, M., Marchenko, A., Hyland, K. V., 2008. Experimental study on friction between saline ice and steel.
Proc. 19th IAHR Symposium on ice, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Vol. 2.

Teaching Experience:

- Since I`ve been in London I have taught Italian to an English couple who have travelled to Italy many times, are really fond of the culture but have never got down to learning the language. I`ve also taught a Japanese woman who lives in the City and has working relationships with Italy. References available on request.

Moreover, I have tutored a 17 year old student form East Dulwich to prepare for and successfully pass his A-Level Maths exams. Reference available on request.

- In 2008 I worked as a teaching assistant in a kindergarten in Reykjavk for 8 months. This kindergarten had a special program of integration between kids with special needs (especially hearing impaired ones) and kids with no special requirements, which showed to be very successful. Besides assisting the teachers in taking care of the children daily, I was responsible of having a short weekly session to introduce children to English as a foreign language through playing and singing, which turned out to be very appreciated and great fun.

February - September 2008 Reykjavk, Iceland.
Teaching Assistant at the kindergarten "Slborg".

- During my years at university I continuously gave private tutorials of Maths and Physics to students of all ages from primary school to university level.

September 2000 - Fall 2007 Bologna, Italy.
Tutor of Maths, Physics and English to students from elementary school, high school and university.

Tutoring Approach:

Teaching is, without any doubt, one of the most important jobs ever. This might sound a cliche but it is what I really think. With almost 30 years spent as a student to gain two university degrees, I have encountered teachers form all over the world and experienced the most different teaching methods. A teacher can make the difference in a persons life, in a good or in a bad way. A good teacher can be a source of inspiration and can make you love a subject that you would have never imagined you could like otherwise. When teaching the student's benefit is the prime goal, this means that the teacher has to be able to understand what the student needs to access a specific subject, understand it, retain the information and be able to reuse it proactively whenever it is required of him. Since, as a private tutor, I work one on one with a student, I aim at creating a healthy and effective relation where the student feels comfortable to express what he/she doesn't understand and he/she can develop a positive attitude towards learning the subject under examination. Every student is unique, therefore the method used for each student is different. I plan to have a first session where I can assess what it is required of me and whether I am able to constructively interact with the student and then build a teaching program from that. I will commit to plan every session at home and come prepared to teach what is needed and I will expect that the student commits to doing his/her best to do his/her reading and homework.

MS in Environmental Engineering (mining field) 2007 - Final mark: 100/100
Chartered engineer since 2008
BA (Hons) acting 2011

Edwin (Mr)
Subjects: Art  |  Politics  |  Reading & Writing skills  |  Film Studies  |  Media / Communication Studies  |  Philosophy / Critical Thinking  
Availability: Weekends / Weekdays (all times)
Types of Tutoring: Travels to you / Online
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Personal Description:
The social sciences are my expertise. In particular, cinema and art history with critical theory. I have extensive research experience in continental philosophy (Kant, Hegel, Marx, Althusser, Deleuze, Adorno, Badiou, etc.) and am well-versed in a wide-range of media and art theory topics (e.g. modernity, medium specificity, globalisation, avant-gardes, etc.).

I have a decade of experience as a media producer for various web and radio enterprises, and have written professionally for a range of digital publications.

Teaching Experience:

I have over 5 years of experience tutoring across the subjects listed in my profile. And I have also advised successfully on essays, coursework, dissertations and exam preparation from A-level to postgraduate level.

Coursework, essays and dissertation topics I have recently supervised:

- The semiotics of Barthes and Jakobsen
- Base, superstructure and ideological state apparatuses between Marx and Althusser
- The 'wilderness cosmology' of Daoism in classical Chinese Poetry
- Social unrest and China's modernisation project in the cinema of Jia Zhangke
- A comparative political analysis of Halklarin Demokratik Partisi and Ciudadanos
- Jean Baudrillard's concept of Hyperreality and 'The Truman Show'
- Phenomenology and Bad Faith between Edmund Husserl and Jean-Paul Sartre
- Postmodern urbanism and the cinema of Neill Blomkamp
- The Fauvist revolution in modern painting
- The Printing Press and media theory since Elizabeth Eisenstein
- Consumerism, and the media spectacle in urban Chengdu
- The fashion film and the "bad bitch": post-feminist representation in contemporary Hollywood cinema

Do contact me to discuss your specific essay, presentation or dissertation needs.

Tutoring Approach:

I offer two types of tuition: online (text-based) and in-person (verbal).

Online tuition is the most efficient method for written assignment preparation; superior in my experience than in-person tuition since the student is naturally obliged to articulate concepts, issues and questions directly in the written form that they are required to submit their essays, dissertations, and coursework in. This avoids the extra labour of translating verbal communication to written communication and vice-versa, which slows progress. I conduct online tuition via Skype, which is free to download and use.

In-person tuition is, however, better suited and encouraged for verbal assignments, like presentations and language-speaking practice.

Regardless of type, I always apply a needs-based approach to tuition; allowing my students' needs to dictate pace and intensity. I can, therefore, work closely on particular syllabus material in relation to coursework and exams, or take a broader approach to adult and casual learning.

I offer a full range of help on written work, from "brainstorming", essay or dissertation plans, literature reviews, primary-source gathering, all the way to polishing up the final draft before submission. All written work that I proof-read and supervise will be returned with in-line annotations (using MS Word or LibreOffice's comments and tracked-changes) offering detailed criticisms and suggestions on how to improve anything from grammar, structure, analysis, tone, argument and so forth. I also work fast: written work received before noon can be expected back the same day.

MA Aesthetics and Art Theory
MA Global Cinemas and the Transcultural
BA (Hons) Digital Media Production

Jamie (Mr)
Subjects: Economics  |  Maths  
Availability: Weekends / Weekdays (evenings)
Types of Tutoring: Travels to you / Online
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Personal Description:
Hello! If you're looking for intensive revision before an important exam, or long-term assistance throughout the academic year, then look no further. I graduated with first class honours in 2014 having studied Business Economics for 3 years at Nottingham Trent University. Since leaving University I have pursued a career in financial services, which has given me the perfect opportunity to apply many of the skills I developed throughout education to real-world situations. I have had a keen interest in maths and statistics since a young age, demonstrating my ability by achieving an A at GCSE in Maths and an A in Statistics. This was a contributing factor towards my study of economics given how the two subjects interlink, achieving a B at Economics at A level. All of these skills were brought together at University, with my degree heavily reliant on the use of statistics as well as algebra and other important maths concepts. I am keen to help you/your child achieve their maths goals, and I hope that I can use my use of maths in my every day work to show how important maths and economics skills are both academically and for the real world.

Teaching Experience:

Throughout my time at school, sixth form and university I was always keen to teach peers both as part of large groups in class and on an individual basis, something I enjoyed because it helped me to develop my own skills and also because of the reward of seeing someone else do well as a result of my help. This has included me teaching a fellow GCSE student at the time of my own studying, as well as more recently helping a colleague with her entrance exams for her PGCE teaching exams. I also completed a week of work experience at my local primary school, which was an opportunity for me to develop my coaching skills in the best environment.

Tutoring Approach:

Having personally varied my own learning techniques throughout education dependent on the subject and the learning environment, I understand that every individual learns in a different way; I will use the early stages of tutoring to gauge the needs and learning styles of the tutee, and alter my teaching to these needs. Whilst I am keen believer that each individual has their own learning style, I also believe it is important that everyone tries new styles to work out which is most effective for them. Personally I like the use of extensive notes when first learning to understand a concept or theory, and then more concise notes that can I can use to prompt myself later on. Finally, I think that encouraging someone to regularly sit previous exam papers can develop the skills in a more applied environment whilst also helping a student to be more relaxed when it comes to the real exam situation.

First Class Degree in Business Economics
Economics, Business & Psychology A Level
Maths & Statistics GCSE (Grade A)
9 Other GCSEs grade A-C