About UK Tutors


UK Tutors is one of the UK's leading online tutor-matching services, our aim is to provide access to the widest range of tutors across the UK. You can browse and select a private tutor in your area 24 hours day, whenever suits you best.

The benefits of having a tutor can be numerous:
  • Improve your grades
  • Increase self confidence
  • Develop knowledge and understanding
  • Provide continuing support and advice
  • Exam preparation

Why Use Us?

Choice Ė Our tutors offer private tuition in a wide range of academic subjects including those on the school curriculum, plus niche subjects too. Just select the subject and level you require and enjoy top class tuition in the comfort of your own home from one of our professional private tutors.

Affordability - We only ask for a £4.99-19.99* introduction fee once you have discussed your requirements with your tutors via the memberís area. Some agencies charge up to £10 for every hour a private tutor teaches however we understand that many tutees are happy to manage their relationship with a private tutor themselves and this allows us to keep the costs to you down and provide a cheaper service.+

UK Tutors vs a Typical Agency

UK Tutors is different to traditional Tuition Agencies in the following ways:
  • Browse and select a tutor based on your own tuition needs, you are in full control of the selection process.
  • Discuss your needs with the tutors directly in our memberís area.
  • We don't perform CRB checks - this means you must ask for any references/CRBs your tutor offers.
  • If after discussing your tuition needs with a tutor you are ready to commence tuition, only then do we ask for one-off £4.99-19.99* introduction fee to exchange contact details.

The cost benefits of choosing your own tutor vs using a traditional agency:

UK TutorsTypical AgencySaving
Introduction£4.99-19.99*£0 - £20 ~£5
10 hrs of tuition£170£250 £80
Additional Agency fees (10 hrs) £11 £50 (£5 p.h.) £39
Total £186 £310 £124
£170 is based on an average fee of: £17 per hour (tutors charge upwards of £9 per hour)

* Our one-off fees are variable and linked to the tutor's price per hour to make our service as affordable as possible

+ See terms and conditions for further details